MJ Weddings

Hello, all! My name is Megan “MJ” Sheckles, a native of Bardstown, KY and the proud owner of MJ Weddings & Events.  I have both family and friend roots across the state of Kentucky where I will service my clientele.  Although, I reside in central Kentucky, I am more than willing to travel where business needs take me.

My passion and love for planning and coordinating events started at a young age being raised in a family that thoroughly enjoys hosting great events regardless of the occasion.  In my teens, I assisted with coordinating a variety of events while working for my mother and father’s local restaurant and nightclub.

After completing my BA in Communications from the University of Louisville, I solidified myself in the corporate world with over 10+ years of experience in the areas of customer service, sales, consulting, marketing, event coordination and management.  I have a variety of friends, family and colleagues whom I have coordinated everything from weddings to baby showers to corporate events to birthday parties.

I ultimately decided that it was time to turn my passion into a business which has in turn defined my purpose which is ensuring that when selecting my services you can ensure whatever the vision for your special occasion, it will be executed brilliantly with the utmost care, personal attention to detail, professionalism and with quality at an affordable price.  I genuinely look forward to the opportunity to create a wonderful, stress-free experience regardless of gender, faith, ethnicity and/or sexual orientation (LGBT), so look no further MJ Weddings and Events will be the clutch performer for your amazing day!

Megan Sheckles, Lead Coordinator